This is to draw back the curtains and show our customers our journey as a legal tech company, from inception till date.


Quicklaw Limited is an online legal platform aiming to position itself as Nigeria’s leading online legal support company. You can think of us as a legal assistant that creates innovative, cost-effective and time-efficient legal services. We achieve this through a pool of experts who ensure that all your legal issues are handled professionally and in your best interest. 


We offer a diverse range of legal services for matters ranging from consultation on starting a business to property management and personal injury matters. 

Our platform effectively combines access to legal services, legal agreements and free legal information. We prioritize ease of access and do this by utilizing our 24-hour chat line, where you can make inquiries and even receive free legal advice. 

Our services ;

  • Start a Business
  • Property Matters
  • Personal Injury
  • Protect your Ideas
  • Plan your Estate
  • Commercial Transactions
  • Employment
  • Others (letter writing, drafting and reviewing etc)


The idea for Quicklaw was formulated during my time in the Nigerian Law School. From discussions with members of my  immediate community, I was able to identify that there was some difficulty experienced in securing and trusting in the services of a lawyer at an affordable rate. 

It soon became apparent that this was a challenge faced by a great deal of people as I interacted with a wider group consisting of different socio economic backgrounds. 

Quicklaw’s primary intention is to bridge the gap between individuals/businesses and legal services by providing the access. The three key principles that underpin our product are – affordability, accessibility, and speed. 

We liken Quicklaw to a marketplace where qualified legal practitioners and individuals can meet to exchange value.

Secondly, we effectively connect the end user to a host of qualified lawyers to render the service. Also, we combine the availability of free legal information, the ability to purchase carefully vetted agreements and access to a wide range of legal services via our website.

A range of services that cater to all stages of a business cycle are duly provided. Right from company formation to winding up. These services include business registrations, copyrights, trademarks, all agreements, employment matters, taxes, policy advice and drafting and others. Outside of business law, we complement other needs such as property matters. Search reports, tenancy, sales, estate planning etc.

Navigating the Nigerian legal system can be daunting, especially for Small business owners (SMEs) and individuals who may not have adequate insight into getting legal support.

We cannot overemphasize the importance of legal support as the bedrock of sufficient protection for both small businesses and individuals. We recognize the need and are committed to fostering a community of increasingly legally astute individuals.


The idea is that this will be the first of many products or solutions to come from Quicklaw and we will expand the model. Shifting from a consumer focused to a product focused organization. The end goal is to transform the way we interact with legal services by efficiently serving the entire legal ecosystem – law schools, regulators, the judiciary, private practice and in-house counsel. We will strive to innovate, bring ease to certain processes and expand beyond the frontiers of Nigeria. 

We are excited for you, our valued customer, to join us on this experience. 

Feel free to buy a vetted agreement or familiarize yourself with our range of services.

One more way you can reach us directly is to use the chat button on our website, we respond almost immediately.

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