The Path

Nigeria’s Independence Day Submission

By Winnie Enun Eka-Williams

Where does this crooked path lead us to ?

Like children on the backs of our mothers , we peep through her shoulder in impatience, wondering and wondering to ourselves when we shall reach our destination.

Although we might cry , complain that her wrapper is too tight on our knees , complain that we have been on this journey for 61 years and it has become discouraging to be optimistic of where we are headed.

To our wimps and scorns , she pays deaf ears.

She is our mother , we didn’t choose her.

Just like we did not choose Nigeria, she chose us.

The masses look in fear and terror of the destination the leaders are driving the car to. We beseech on them to listen to the passengers . like the same way we board a bus and tell the driver where to stop is the same way power lies in our hands to dictate the speed and movement of the vehicle.

To our demands and pleadings , we are ignored. Like a rollercoaster we go up and down on this path to development, potholes of loans from other countries and investing in non African buisness threaten to break down our vehicle and knock our engines.

It’s hard to believe your manifestos and promises when at 61 we are still swimming in deep poverty and insurgency

It’s difficult to harken to your advice when at 61 they are no basic amenities talk less of doctors working at the emergency

We the people , can only take the bull by it’s horn and be the model citizen that embodies core values of ethical conduct because as the masses we are our only hope , we are the only agency!

6 thoughts on “The Path

  1. A very wonderful piece👏🏽 “She like our mother, didn’t choose her”. Honestly very true. May God continue to bless our Nation. Congrats Miss Enun.

  2. * there* are no basic amenities….

    Great effort. Good use of metaphor, simile and antithesis. You should have gone ahead to profer solutions to our societal ills that you identified.

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