Nigeria’s Trajectory

Nigeria’s Independence Day Submission

By Binta Ahmad Abdulkadir

Nigeria the richest and most populous country in Africa, popularly known as the Giant of Africa. A country with diversity, unity and peace. Blessed with green land and beautiful languages. Nigeria gained her Independence on 1st of October, 196.

Nigeria has faced different challenges but was able to scale through unscathed, our father land, a rich and blessed country, gifted with Agriculture and crude oil.

In 2019 Nigeria was under recession, but grew in a fast rate. In 2020 nigeria was faced with a bigger challenge, the Corona virus case (Covid-19) it tampered with every sector in Nigeria from business, security, agriculture, education, health and so much more. Nigerian government did a great job In finding a solution, although some of the solutions were weak but it still worked.

Presently, the case of Covid-19 is under control, we are still recovering from the pandemic in a good speed.The federal government is working on the insecurity issues that has been bothering the country since after the emergence of Corona virus.

And today Nigeria is A year older, happy Independence Nigeria. To unity, diversity and to peace in this country, Nigerians keep being strong. I believe Nigeria will rise again.

Happy Independence.

Nigeria @60

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